Llandovery Sheep Festival 2022


Exhibitors & stallholders at Llandovery Sheep Festival are required to read the following regulations before making their entries. Exhibitors & Organisers, –For the purpose of this document ‘Exhibitors’ shall be understood to refer toanyone with a trade stand, exhibition, demonstration, workshop or display at Llandovery Sheep Festival; ‘Organisers’ shall be understood to refer to Llandovery Sheep Festival CIC.

1. Exhibitors & stall holders – Subject to Rules: – All Exhibitors, and their servants entering the Festival area will be subject to the Orders, Rules and Regulations of the Stewards, Officials and Organisers. Any exhibitor who does not comply with the orders of the organisers will be ejected without refund of fees from the Festival

2. Closing Date for Entries to Llandovery Sheep Festival – End of July 2022.

3. Application for space. All applications must be made on the appropriate online booking form and paid for online.

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry whatsoever, whether received prior to the closing date for entries or not, and also reserve the right to cancel any entry which may have been accepted, without any reason being given.

4. Description of Exhibits for the programme or website.

Each Exhibitor’ musty include contact details and a description of their products or services as written on the application form (a maximum of 30 words). for the programme and/or website

5. Trading Standards Regulations. Exhibitors are reminded that they must comply with all relevant Trading Standards requirements. Contact Carmarthen Trading Standards for further information if required. www.carmarthenshire.gov.wales/home/business/trading-standards.aspx

6. Withdrawal or Cancellation of Space Reserved. Where an exhibitor withdraws from the event or cancels a space reserved, for any reason, all fees paid shall be forfeited and the Organisers reserve the right to re-let such space.

7. Allocation of Space. The allocation of sites and positioning of trade stand space will be entirely at the discretion of the Organisers, although everyendeavour will be made to meet the Exhibitors’ needs. If an Exhibitor does ordoes not wish to be placed alongside another particular Exhibitor this must be noted in writing at the time of applying. Similarly Exhibitors should notify the Organisers if they wish to share a space with another trader / organisation and should receive permission in writing / email in order to do so.

8. Sub-Letting. No Exhibitor shall sub-let any portion of space allotted to her/him or move to any other site other than that allocated to her/him.

9. Exhibits MUST be confined to the space allocated and paid for, the use of the aisles or any space outside of the actual stand space is strictly forbidden.

10. Times of Opening. All trade stands must be open and staffed throughout the time the event is open to the public (10am – 5.00pm on Saturday 10am –4.30pm on Sunday).

11. Stand Preparation, Admission, Delivery and Removal of Exhibits.

Exhibitors are requested to set up their stands by no later than 9.45am on Saturday 17th September 2022.
Exhibitors with any large machinery / livestock should talk through access needs with the Organisers when making the application.

Goods and packages cannot be received by the Organisers and should not be sent unless there is a representative on the stand to receive them.

No part of any stand may be closed / dismantled until 4.30pm on Sunday 18th September 2022.
Vehicles for the removal of stands will not be allowed access until 4.45pm on Sunday 18th September – or even later if the circumstances require.

All exhibits and stands must be cleared from site by 6.30pm

12. Setting up Stand and Restocking during Festival Period.

Vehicles can gain access to the showground for the purpose of stand setup / restocking. Setup will take place from 7.00am -9.45 am on Saturday 17th September and from 7.00am – 9.45am on Saturday and Sunday. Restocking can take place between 5.15pm – 7.00pm on Saturday.

13. Placing of Exhibits. Exhibitors are required not to place exhibits, boards or placards of any description beyond the limits of the space allotted to them or in such a way that they obscure either the event signs or an adjacent stand. Any flagpoles must be cleared in writing by the event organisers. Any articles placed in contravention of this rule will be removed.

14. Advertising banners. Advertising banners within the space booked and paid for by the Exhibitor are permitted but are strictly prohibited elsewhere.

15. No stand or exhibit or part there of may exceed 3 metres in height without the permission of the Organisers.

16. DANGER: Important Notice: Exhibitors are warned of the danger from the distribution of high and low voltage systems throughout the Showground. Exhibitors are asked to check on the position of cables before erecting stands. Cables also run underground and it is strictly forbidden to break the ground surface for any reason (e.g.: to erect signs, stands etc) unless written authority has been issued via the Organisers from the Society.

17. Litter: Exhibitors are required to keep their stands and the portions of the avenues and alleys immediately adjoining their stands clean at all times during the event. Any litter and refuse generated should be placed in suitable receptacles and put in the appropriate skips at the end of the event. At the end of the event the site must be left in a clean and tidy condition. The Organisers reserves the right to charge for clearance of excessive or dangerous litter.

18. Damage: The Organisers will not be responsible for any damage, breakage, loss or injury arising from any cause either in transit, erection or during exhibition, howsoever caused.

19. Responsibility for Exhibits: The Organisers will not be responsible for the safe keeping of any article exhibited but will require Exhibitors to take charge of their own property.

20. Electricity: Exhibitors requiring electricity must book and pay for this at the time of returning the Application Form.
Anyone providing an electrical apparatus for use at the Event should, before its connection to the supply, arrange for its inspection and testing by a competent

electrician and documentation should show the test date and the name of the person carrying out the test.
All equipment should be connected to the supply through a residual current device and all cables and connections where not protected by a weather proof structure shall be of such construction or as necessary protected as to prevent, as far as is reasonably practical, danger arising from such exposure.

Electrical connections will only be made to installations that comply with the current IEE Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings. Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to the disconnection of the supply until the installation complies.

In permitting the connection of consumers wiring to its distribution system theSociety does not accept responsibility for the Exhibitor’s installation, in anyrespect.
Exhibitors are warned of the danger from high and low voltage systems in the Showground.

21. Generators: Generators are permitted only with the written consent of the organisers. – Permission is given to use a generator subject to the following conditions: –

a) Suitable and approved fire extinguishers MUST be available next to the generator
b) The Generator must be turned off between 6.00pm and 8.00am.
c) No Generators or fuel allowed inside any tent at any time

22. Fire Precautions: Any exhibitor bringing tentage must ensure that said tentage has been treated with a suitable fire repellent.

23. LPG Cylinders: LPG cylinders are only permitted with the written consent of the organisers

24. Petrol, Spirits, and Flammable Liquids: Petrol, Spirits and Flammable Liquids are not permitted inside any tent or structure. The organisers also reserve the right to exclude any petrol or spirit it may deem unsafe, although this in no way relieves the Exhibitor from responsibility in the event of accident or fire.

25. Accidents. The Organisers will not be responsible for any accidents, fatal or otherwise, that may arise from an Exhibitor reserving a trade stand or exhibition area at the event. It is a condition of entry that each Exhibitor shall hold the Organisers blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from such accident. This rule will also apply to any contractor or sub-contractor employed on the Showground.

26. Livestock: If you intend showing livestock on your stand, please indicate on the application form, and details will be sent to you as to appropriate requirements. Please make sure that you bring equipment to clear the stand of animal waste / bedding at the end of the show.

Exhibitors with livestock are kindly asked to remove all bedding and litter from their stand at the end of the event, and should bring appropriate tools with which

to do this. All bedding etc must be taken home. A tarpaulin or thick plastic sheet placed on the floor of the pen and pulled up at the sides keeps the bedding contained and urine from contaminating other stands, and also makes clearing this at the end of the show much easier as we are unable to take animal waste in the skips at the show.

27. DOGS: Exhibitors are not encouraged to bring dogs to the Festival If, however, this is essential, DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON SHORT LEADS AT ALL TIMES and the owners must be in possession of cleaning equipment necessary to clean up in the event of dog fouling.

28. Photographers. It shall be a condition of entry to the Sheep Festival that no person shall apply for trade as a snapshot photographer or solicit trade with visitors to the Sheep Festival in any other capacity deemed by the Organisers to be annoyance. Anyone who infringes this regulation may be expelled from the Festival without recompense. Video recorders used with the view to the sale of videotapes will NOT be allowed.

Photographs of traders’ stands may be taken by the media and byphotographers booked by the organisers. Acceptance of the Llandovery Sheep Festival Terms and Conditions means that these photos may be used, without charge, for press / promotions relating to Llandovery Sheep Festival or by Llandovery Sheep Festival / the organisers in promotional materials / reports etc without being attributed to the stand holder.

29. Traders not booked. Traders who have not booked and paid for a site and who arrive at the Showground will on no account be allowed to set up and trade. Any person found to be contravening this regulation will be evicted from the Festival.

30. Safety Requirements: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Special attention is directed to the safety requirements outlined in the regulations governing the allocation of space for machinery and other stands. The ruling of the stewards and Organisers on the safety of any exhibit or part of an exhibit shall be immediate and final; but consent to the working of an exhibit shall not relieve any Exhibitor of liability as laid down in the regulations. The Organisers hold the Exhibitors wholly responsible for the observance of statutory regulations governing the safety of machinery exhibited by them. Machines and appliances are accepted for the adjudication on the understanding that they comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the regulations that come under it.

31. Show Stand Safety.

All pesticides are prohibited.

Any substances that may be hazardous to health should be notified to the Organisers and may be prohibited or subject to further specific regulations.

Plant, machinery, steam or pressure vessels, lifting appliances etc must only be operated by competent personnel and after ensuring adequate precautions are taken to protect the operator and bystanders. Guards must be fitted; mobile machinery fenced off; static exhibits properly erected, propped and stacked; hydraulic systems locked off or otherwise made safe.

All temporary structures, information boards, fences, flagpoles etc are to be safe for their intended purpose and comply with relevant codes of practice.

32. Responsibility of Exhibitors

The Organisers will not be responsible in any way for any article, plant, machinery or object of any kind exhibited on the Showground. The Exhibitor shall assume full responsibility therefore including liability for all claims arising out of the exhibition, handling or housing of such exhibits and the conduct of the stand generally. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organisers against all claims, damages or expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of the Exhibitor or his exhibits at the Festival. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a condition of entry.
There will be limited security overnight on the Saturday, to protect the organisers property This is not an acceptance of responsibility for any exhibitors equipment stock or other possessions.

33. Insurance: Exhibitors are advised to take out insurance not only as regards their own property but also against third party claims – e.g.: public liability insurance. Copies of current certificates must be sent to the office before the show, without sight of these exhibitors will not be allowed to set up.

34. Disclaimer of Liability: The Organisers will not be responsible for the death, injury, disease or loss caused to any Exhibitor or to his or her servant or agent, or to any animal, insect or thing of whatever nature, exhibited by the said Exhibitor, regardless of the cause of death, injury, disease or loss arising.

The Exhibitor of any animal, insect or thing of any nature whatever will indemnify the Organisers for any damage, loss, injury or disease occasioned by the said Exhibitor, his servant or agent, or by the said animal, insect, or thing, however such damage, loss, injury or disease shall be caused.


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