Terms and Conditions of Booking

  1. Definitions
    • In this contract the following definitions shall have the following meanings:

“the Contract”  the agreement between the Organiser and the Exhibitor comprised by these terms and conditions and the booking form.  All bookings must be made in writing.

“the Charges”  The total fees payable for the Stand or Stands.

“the Festival”  The Festival described on the booking form for which the parties have agreed to contract.

“the Festival Venue”  All the buildings, land, premises and facilities located at the Festival.

“the Exhibitor”  The person named on the booking form or the person allocated a stand.

“the Stand”  Shall,, unless otherwise specified, include any stand or space oy site or other area made available and allocated to the Exhibitor.

“the Organiser”  Llandovery Sheep Festival together with its personnel ad agents.

“the Authority”  the relevant District or County Council; the relevant Fire Brigade; the relevant Police Department; the Home Office; HM Customs & Excise and any other related Government Department or body or any other competent authority having jurisdiction in respect of the locality in which the Festival Venue is loated or any activity connected with the Festival.

  1. Nature of the Contract:
    • No Stand will be reserved or treated as allocated an no Contract shall exist until the Exhibitor has paid the charges in full.
    • The Contract constitutes a licence and not a tenancy. The Organiser reserves the right at any time to make such alterations to the plan of the Festival as may, in its opinion, be necessary in the best interests of the Festival as a whole.
  1. Organiser’s liability – cancellation of the Festival, force majeure etc.
    • The Contract shall continue in full force and effect and the Organiser shall be under no obligation to repay the Charges paid or payable by the Exhibitor and shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor whatsoever as the result of the happening of any of the following events: the Festival being abandoned cancelled, postponed, suspended affected by reason of any act of God, war, fire, flood, emergency, drought, terrorist act, threat of terrorism, civil disturbance, accident, the non-availability of the Festival venue or any other cause not within the Organiser’s control; any changes in requirements of any Authority in respect of the Festival.
    • Exhibitors are urged to seek appropriate insurance cover in respect of the consequences of the foregoing risks.
    • The Organiser shall be entitled to exercise all or any of the rights powers or discretions conferred on it by these terms and conditions without assigning any reason and (unless otherwise provided) in such a manner as, in the organiser’s view, is in the best interests of the Festival. In no circumstances shall the exercise by the Organiser of any of these rights, powers or discretions give rise to any claim against it.
    • The Organiser shall reserve the right to change the dates and/or location of the Festival.
  1. Exhibitor’s liability on cancellation
    • All request for cancellation must be submitted to the Organiser in writing and depending on when the same is received by the organiser:
  • Stand cancelled before 14th July 2024 – full refund and no administration charge.
  • Stand cancelled after 14th August 2024 – no refund or credit will be given.
  • Stand booked after 14th August 2024 – no refund or credit will be given in the event that the Stand is cancelled.
  1. Entitlement to occupy the Stand
    • In no circumstances will any Exhibitor be permitted to occupy a Stand if the Charges have not been paid in full. Should any Exhibitor be prevented from occupying its Stand for this reason the whole of the Charges due under the Contract shall be recoverable forthwith by the Organiser.  The Organiser shall be entitled to utilise the Stand allocated to such an Exhibitor in such a manner as the Organiser thinks fit.
  1. Use of Stand/no sub-letting etc
    • The Organiser reserves the right to refuse to admit or to expel for the Festival Venue any Exhibitor who utilises a Stand for a purpose which (in the opinion of the Organiser) is inconsistent with the integrity of the Festival as a Sheep and Performing Arts Festival.
  1. Right of entry
    • The Organiser and those authorised by it respectively have the right to enter the Festival Venue and Stand at any time to carry out inspections, execute repairs and alterations and for all other purposes. No compensation will be paid for damage, loss or inconvenience caused by the reasonable exercise of this power.
  1. Admission to the Festival and Ticket Arrangements
    • The Organiser reserves the right to refuse to admit or to expel from the Festival Venue any person at any time notwithstanding that person’s possession of a valid ticket and the Organiser will not be obliged to refund any Charges paid.
    • For late bookings and where some or all of the Charges remain unpaid documentation will be retained and can be claimed at the Venue upon payment of any balance due in cash as the case may be.
  1. Gangways/aisles
    • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that gangways adjacent to their Stand are kept free from obstructions and trip hazards during the whole of the time the Festival is open for the purposes of the Festival and so far as practicable during the set-up and dismantling of the Festival. The Llandovery Sheep Festival is not liable for damage to any stock.
    • The Organiser reserves the right to remove obstructions to the gangways and aisles and no compensation will be payable for damage, loss or inconvenience caused by the reasonable exercising of this power. In cases of serious or persistent breach, the Organiser may also exclude the Exhibitor or terminate the Exhibition Contract.
    • Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of anyone who is on their stand and in the area of their stock.
  1. Conduct of Exhibitors
    • The Exhibitor must conduct themself in such a manner as shall not, in the view of the Organiser, cause disturbance to any other Exhibitor, any visitor or the Organiser and shall not create any disturbance, loud noise or obstruction or behave in a way which, in the view of the Organiser, is unnecessary or unacceptable.
    • Any person who does not comply with these requirements shall be liable, at the discretion of the Organiser, to be removed from the Festival and refused re-admission during the period of the Festival.
    • Exhibitors must adhere to speed restrictions and traffic controls at all times.
  1. Risk and Insurance
    • Each Exhibitor attends the Festival entirely at their own risk.
    • The Exhibitor is responsible for and shall indemnify the Organiser in respect of all claims (whether arising from personal injury or damage to property or otherwise) arising in connection with the erection or dismantling of the Exhibitor’s Stan and anything permitted, omitted or done thereon or there from during the period of the Festival or during the construction and dismantling period. The Llandovery Sheep Festival has a limited liability of £250 so we advise Exhibitors to arrange their own insurance.
    • The Organiser will take such precautions as it may consider appropriate for the proper running of the Festival but will not at any time be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, or safety of any Stand, sale goods or displays or the other property of an Exhibitor, or any other person under any circumstances.
    • The Exhibitor shall do nothing to jeopardise the current insurance policy or policies of the Festival Venue or the agreement between with the Organiser regarding the use of the Festival Venue and the Exhibitor shall I all cases comply with any requirements of the Fire Officer or other Authorities concerned.
    • Exhibitors’ property and stock is wholly the responsibility of the Exhibitor and the Organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered or incurred.
  1. Dangerous materials, appliances and electrical equipment.
    • No naked lights, oil lamps or temporary gas or electrical fittings may be used at the Festival Venue. The Organiser reserves the right to confiscate any appliances it considers to be a danger or potential danger and any appliances so confiscated will only by returned to the Exhibitor upon departure from the Festival.  All electrical equipment should be PAT tested.
  1. Rubbish
    • In the general interests of the Festival, Exhibitors must ensure their Stands are at all times kept clean and free from rubbish to the satisfaction of the Organiser. Exhibitors may be liable for additional costs if they leave an excessive amount of rubbish on their Stand.
  1. Indemnity by Exhibitors
    • The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser from and against all actions, expenses, costs, charges or claims which the Organiser or any of its contractors may become liable for in consequence of damage or injury to any person or property occasioned by or arising out of the act, default or negligence of the Exhibitor or any other person or persons under its direction.


  1. Grievance procedure
    • The Exhibitor should immediately report any complaint to the Organiser by attending the Organiser’s Office at the Festival or informing a steward on duty.
    • If the Exhibitor feels that any problem has not been satisfactorily resolved at the Festival Venue then the Exhibitor should expeditiously write to the Organiser setting out clearly and precisely the matter complained of whereupon it will be investigated and dealt with appropriately.
  1. Sale of particular items

The Llandovery Sheep Festival reserves the right to ask an Exhibitor to remove any items from their Stand that are not acceptable or that may cause offence.

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